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Thread: Quaife 6 speed sequential dog box

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    Quote Originally Posted by vstryker View Post
    Thanks for the info. I did search but found there are 2 types of gears available and wanted to clarify exactly what this had.

    Also, what is the length of the input shaft on this as there is a short and long version? Did the 6 speed that was swapped onto the csr had a spacer on the bellhousing? If you could please measure the total length of input shaft, where the spline starts, and total length of spline then i would definitely know if it fits.

    From the face of the gearbox to the end of the input shaft its 7.5" Spline is 2" long and foreward part is 1". Cannot remember if there was a spacer. Later bellhousings had the adapter built in. I think this is a short shaft box.
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