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Thread: Proper steering wheel hub

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    Default Proper steering wheel hub

    What other car has a 5/8 , 36 splined shaft like my original lotus 7. Im trying to buy a hub to mount a steering wheel but no one lists a hub for a 7. What other car uses a 5/8 shaft with 36 splines so I can use the cross reference to buy a hub. Thanks for any help, Bill

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    Hi Bill;

    I have a couple of suggestions for you:
    1) Contact Chris Mintoft at Redline Components in the U.K. He likely has exactly what you need.
    2) Consider changing out your 1-piece original steering column (or skewer in the case of a front end collision) for the 2-piece collapsable type used on the S3 and later Caterhams. The 2-piece column is available with the stock spline on the upper section (just like the one that you already have) or with a steering wheel quick-release hub as an integral component. I have recently done this upgrade (including the quick-release) and find that the expense is outweighed by the additional peace of mind vis-a-vis a bit of safety. The built in quick-release further reduced the cost delta of the 2-piece column. These are available from Redline or possibly Rocky Mountain on this side of the pond.
    3) Check with Jay or Joe at JAE Parts in Goleta, CA. They're Lotus specialists. They may have an adapter in stock. (805) 967-5767
    4) Check with Moss Motors. They may also have an adapter in stock.
    5) A quick interweb search for steering wheel hub adapters shows that the Moto Lita hub adapter B20H F has the correct spline interface. You can buy direct from them in the U.K. or from a Stateside source like Note: I have a MotoLita wheel on my '62 and I love it.

    Here is Redline's contact info:

    The website:

    And the Faceplant page:

    Chris is very responsive and his prices are quite reasonable. He has a considerable inventory on hand, especially for the S2

    Good luck.

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