Since buying the 7 last year I'm still slowly figuring and sorting out misc problems as I've put maybe 500 miles on the car, likely under that.

The recent is that I feel like I'm filling up far too often. I don't have a working odometer as the speedometer has been swapped for a SPA unit since original build and the speed output hasn't worked right for at least 10 years from what I've gathered. I don't even know if it's tranny pickup or hall sensor on rear axle (didn't see anything on axles)

Now while fixing that is on the list, I've decided to test the MPG the old fashioned way. Filled up in one area, drove 8 miles highway and filled up again. Used right around 1.1 gallons.

Today I drove about 50 miles and am at half tank already.

Lets say empirically, with variables I average 10mpg. Thats quite low isn't it?

2001 Zetec, Jenvey ITB's, injectors have been swapped to high impedance. Pectel ECU.

I haven't done a compression test but thats probably going to happen soon.

Car feels quite peppy but I can't tell if I'm down on power as I have nothing to compare it to.

Oil doesn't smell like gas.

No obvious leaks anywhere, I fixed a previous return like leak.

Any ideas of what else to check for? I should be getting about 20mpg or more, no?