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Thread: Always a bad thing to read

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    Default Always a bad thing to read

    I was there yesterday but as My Caterham is in the shop I thought try the Tesla.
    I did ran my P85 at Palm Beach and had lots of fun a few years back but the P100D was a nightmare.
    I boiled the brake fluid after the 4th lap and where Peter went off I was at 118 on that straight when the brake pedal just went limp straight to the floor.
    It was more than scary even now thinking about it.

    I will not be taking the Tesla to the track again.
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    I have been asked a coupla times by my local track group if I'd like to be an instructor (they are that desperate!). Yikes, strap in with a clueless newbie who is a born driving genius and plans to break the track record? And for risking my life I get 50% off the price of the track day? I have always found it easy to say no. I am amazed anyone does it.

    Surprised the Tesla brakes gave out so fast. I thot they were surprisingly good track cars? Lotta weight to haul down I guess?
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    I instructed for PCA in the Northeast years back and for POC when we moved to California. It was a fatality during a DE at Lime Rock that brought in the mandatory seat back brace. We really tried to control the events by being very conservative when releasing drivers to "solo". We also restricted the passing zones and often held mandatory mid-day drivers meetings to review the mishaps of the morning sessions.

    With both organizations, one of the biggest points of discussion was the level of automation in the new cars. If those electrons ever stop holding hands in a 996 going into Turn 8 at WSIR, you better hope the roll bar is sturdy. We also tried to build the run groups by performance capability as well as driver ability. we were pretty strict on safety equipment as well.

    Once running with POC on the West Coast, I was one of the first in our group get a HANS device. I took a bit of ribbing for wearing it for DE events but it soon took hold. I happened to be in Atlanta on a layover and went to Jim Downing's shop to scope them out. He was starting to make them to order for a number of pro drivers. After a brief conversation, I placed my order. I understand the new ones are much more refined and lighter.

    The thing with instructing is that if the more experienced members don't pitch in, you are left with no instruction at all. It helps feed the pipeline of drivers who may eventually move up to club racing and that, to my way of thinking, is worthwhile. I would rather have a hand in the process than trust to fate entirely. Just my $.02
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