Weather here in Philly warmed up a bit so decided I'd try to replace the starter in my Yellow car that seems to have an issue with the solenoid not engaging

What a pain in the butt. Was simple when I originally assembled the car, with the steering column in place now, not so much. The replacement starter from Caterham was different from the original one, Longer and with a different housing, ring terminal needed instead of the spade one on the old one, etc. Had to grind down a box end wrench to fit it around the bolt head as the space was too tight to get a normal sized one in.

Finally got it in and went to test it. And the battery seems to be dead even though it's a year old and has been on a battery maintainer all fall/winter. AND my jump pack was dead too. Oh well, back out tomorrow to try again once the jump pack recharges
. Nothing is ever easy in these cars.

Anyone know if replacing the solenoid is a simple job or easy part to find given it's a Rover K series English part? Would an auto electric place be able to do it? Just thinking of having it as a spare. It cranked fine, the Bendix spring just didn't seem to engage. Tom