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Thread: Zetec 2.0

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    Crying does not solve a thing. Usually waters down the drink you have in hand too.

    So you created a bit of a mess - well done! Does your engine builder have a view on what happened? Which bit let go first and why? A rust ring in a cylinder plus the past overbore tells me it was not the greatest of previous builds and a shortcut or 5 may have been taken? Get his professional view as if you were the cause you need to know so you do not do it again and if you were not the cause then you know how to look for it next time on your next car.

    Junk engine approach is a good one. Every part you need is on the shelf. You did not blow the head. Its not going to take too long to put it all back together - 3 weeks in the spousal doghouse is survivable - barely a scratch. Sounds like you may have avoided a very big world of pain.
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    So that's why the Grey Goose tasted like Absolute

    Still do not have a final price yet but I do have confidence in this shop that they will not cut corners and offer up a good build
    Life Can Be Cruel

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    Mmmm. A Ford Racing head.

    If you choose a new direction and are left with a spare Ford Racing head for a Zetec, I'd be happy to dispose of it for you.

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