I've noticed, ever since I got my Caterham; that the clutch pedal is wobbly, and is able to move side to side by about as much as an inch at the pedal.

Even though Caterham said that my car shouldn't have the bronze pedal bushings, I waited until they had some in stock and bought a couple, hoping that my car does use them and that mine was cracked..

Turns out my car (2014 485 SV) does use the bronze bushings, but the bushing was in fine shape. I pulled the pedal out and took it, along with the spacer and bushing to my machinist buddy. Upon inspecting the pedal assembly he discovered that during the welding process, the pivot bore of the pedal got pulled out of round. He's truing up the bore and making a new bushing with oilite bronze.

So if your brake or clutch pedal have excessive wobble side to side, that could be your culprit.