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Thread: Aluma Tilt Trailer

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    I know that at least 2 or 3 seven owners have used Uhaul trailers to get their cars to NJMP. They have said that the trailer is pretty heavy and the caterham just fits width wise.

    They all had to use ramps or board and some blocks to get the car on an off the trailer. But it can be done and there is always a lot of helpful guys at the event to ensure that your car gets on and off safely.

    I had lunch with one of the guys yesterday before you posted, but we did actually discuss this. He said he did rent a truck too to haul it. He drives a Subaru SUV usually. Don't know if that was in play last year as it's a pretty new model. I agree with the above, check it out now to figure out what's needed. Good Luck Tom
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    I tried to rent a U-Haul once and was turned down because they didn't really know what a Caterham was and didn't want to take a chance that there would be problems. My solution was to call a separate U-haul dealer and ask to rent a trailer to haul my "Ford Focus". No problem.

    As Seb and others can confirm, sometimes the U-Haul equipment is in very poor shape, with ratchets that are balky or tie-down straps that are too short, etc. If you go that route, check the tie down straps, and the air pressure in the trailer tires and monitor the wheel hubs (feel them at rest stops to see if they are over-heating). And be sure to have the U-Haul help #, and your cell phone.
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    The Aluma 6812 works perfectly just a touch of the undercarriage when loading and the car fits like a glove on the trailer

    IMO this trailer is the perfect one for the Caterham, 3-4" each side, drive on tips horizontal drive off tips 30 degrees +/- no ramps to worry about
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    Iíve used U-Haul trailers several times.
    there are two versions of the same small car hauler: The older Painted trailer requires additional ramps to load a seven Due to under carriage clearance. the Newer galvanized trailer model does not.
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    I would try to get the new U-Haul trailer if you can. I picked my Cat up with the old style, and it was a little bit white knuckle getting it on and off. To get it on, I used ATV/motorcycle ramps that the seller had at his home, and to get it off I ended up finding a curb to back the trailer up to in order to get the integrated ramps at a more acceptable angle... The license plate bracket holder, of all things, was what was threatening my car's oil pan. Anyway, it all worked out in the end, and if you have additional ramps to use neither trailer should be an issue...

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    I managed to make this uhaul work
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    Would like better options however
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    Old thread but hoping to revive. I'm considering switching my cargo trailer for a flat bed. The cargo trailer is 71" at the door opening, and my SV chassis is about 69" between the front wing indicator lights so I'm thinking eventually I'll make a mistake and damage something.

    I've measure the angle from the bottom of the nose cone to the contact patch of the front tires at about 26 degrees. Does that seem right? If so then any of the Aluma tilt options should work as they are all about 15 degrees or less unless I'm missing something.

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