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Thread: 2019 Sevens HPDE - Save the Date for June 28-30, 2019

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    Cross posting the link for the discussion thread on belts
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    It's now just about 2 months before our event. Hopefully most of you have ordered your parts, and have almost finished any preseason tech or repairs. For some reason some always wait until the last minute to get their cars ready. Speaking of which, I need to install new harnesses in the Yellow car and follow up on a starter rebuild.

    I've heard from a couple more guys who plan on attending and I've added them to the list below. We are still hoping to hear from a few other who have either attended or had hoped to in the past. FE07, Dermot, OR7, Inchochate, Blake, etc. Plenty of room for others as well if you'd like to come out. As I've said before this is the best way to learn and use our cars, in a safe and friendly environment. Se7en's only run group and a Novice group with no passing for first timers, cant' beat it.

    So get your cars ready, (JBH, that includes you finding and installing a new engine.) Looking forward to another great weekend of Se7en fun. Tom

    1) Croc
    2) YellowSS7




    6)Fast G

    7)Chris S

    9) Dan F
    10) Scott L
    11) Jeff H
    12) Seb
    13) Roman
    14) John B
    15) Tom C
    16) Blackhole (Jay)
    17) Neil H
    18) Dave H.
    19) Simon450
    20) Steve M
    21) Marc E
    22) Todd R
    23) Norm B
    24) Steve O
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