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Thread: 1700 Supersprint Engine: Testing the water

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    Default 1700 Supersprint Engine: Testing the water

    Hi All,
    Following the recent sale of my Caterham, with BD engine installed, I had the original Supersprint engine rebuilt. There was nothing wrong with it when last run but I wanted the new cam installed professionally. The engine was rebuilt by HDS engineering in Escondido CA. with new bearings throughout and a new Kent 234 cam, cam chain, tensioner, oil pump and gaskets. The cylinder head was not rebuilt, nor was the distributor and it is fitted with a set of 40DCOE carbs jetted for 1700cc engine but that will require dialing in. When dialed in it should be good for 125-135bhp

    The “testing the waters” part of the post is to see if anybody in the seven community would like to buy it. It will come complete with everything seen in the pictures and if there is interest i’ll have Bill Schlossnagel set up the carbs and run in the cam on his dyno. I also have a spare 6-bolt flywheel that can be supplied with the engine. I’m not desperate to get rid of it and am not going to sell headers etc. separately, but selling it would help justify purchasing a Katana 2 kit for the Elise.

    Send a PM or post questions if interested - thanks
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