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Thread: Best cooling set up? (S3)

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    Default Best cooling set up? (S3)

    I’m having a bit of a problem keeping the temp down on my car. If I let it idle for a few minutes it goes beyond dial. Now my car is an old BDR with a displayed 19k miles and I’m sure it was sitting for many years. I’m sure it needs a replacement radiator. Currently it has two fans- push and pull with the push being toggle switch activated. The pull fan was installed with peg mounts pressed through the radiator fins. I’m not driving this car anywhere in Tokyo, least of all to get inspected before getting a sufficent temp regulation.
    What’s everyone else’s coolant system consist of? (not just BDR)
    I’m guessing aluminum rad/tanks with aluminum fan and water wetter additive. I’m goinng to flush the system for now and make sure the pull fan comes on at some point.
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    Minnis - (food for thought)
    - I'm neither expert nor engineer, and have a different engine but will share my experience.
    In my Duratec i read/heard of drilling an ~2.5mm hole in the coolant thermostat plate to allow extra coolant through the engine. This was first proposed to aid air bubble clearance. After experiencing repeated overheating under load i drilled a second (3rd?) hole. This resolved my overheating issues on track. The engine now warms up nicely and runs at a consistent ~190F around town and on the track.

    best of luck.

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    I solved my Zetec overheating in Southern California with a bigger diameter, higher volume electric fan (from BMW, I think).


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    You could add baffles around the upper sides and top of the rad to force all the air thru the rad. Also you may not have enough open spaces behind the rad to allow the air flow to easily exit the engine bay. Try a run with the hood off and see what effect it has on the running temp. DaveW

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