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    Default New to me BDR

    I recently purchased the 1997 Caterham with BDR engine from sabbot on this forum. Just thought I'd give a little background.

    I have wanted a 7 for 35 years. Actually for many years I wanted a 550 Spyder replica and a 7. I have in my file cabinet a pricelist from Sevens and Elans from back in the 80s (I remember talking on the phone back then with Chris T.), and an 80s Beck 550 Spyder brochure (I also remember talking to Chuck Beck on the phone back then). I had a Porsche 914 for about 10 years (911S front suspension, 914-6 rear, high compression 2.0 liter 4 with Webers, flared fenders with big tires...), and other VWs, so the 550 was very attractive to me. I think the 550 is gorgeous, but I think the 7 is better suited for autocross and track. So over the years I started leaning more towards the 7.

    Bought a 91 Miata in 93, 2 months before my first daughter was born. She's 25 now, we have 3 other kids, and I still have the Miata. Tastefully upgraded with supercharger, intercooler, suspension, wheels & tires, but otherwise have kept it cosmetically stock. It's a great car, which I drive on the road and autocross. But it's no 7.

    We've lived in the same house for many years, and I've always wanted to build a garage. As the kids were growing up I didn't want to take the yard space. I used to always say "my gravestone will say 'Never Got His Garage' ". When the youngest hit high school, I figured it was time, so last year we built a 2-car attached garage, with 4-post lift, and heat.

    Meanwhile I've been looking, looking. This forum, Bring-A-Trailer, Craigslist all across the country. I wanted a traditional-looking Seven, regular size, bucket seats, good power, high roll bar, 13" wheels, cycle fenders, Brooklands screens, a color that I like, and other stuff I can't remember right now. Well, sabbot's car fit the bill, so I am now its caretaker. Still getting used to it, but man is it fun. Really does feel like a 4-wheel motorcycle. Makes my quick and tight Miata feel like a Buick.

    I've been hanging around this forum for years. Looking forward to getting to know everyone better.


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    Welcome aboard. It will autocross very differently than the Miata. Slow inputs or you'll spend a lot of time sideways. Then you will see why the TV shows love the 7s. You can get very sideways and still catch it. Have fun.

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    Congrats Jeff!
    That's a nice car indeed. Well done selecting the BDR to go with it.

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    How for from Albany are you? You might be the closest member to me.

    I also still have my NA Miatas. They feel like a luxury car after getting out of 7. S60R feels like a tank (and yet another luxury step up from Miata)
    2001 Caterham Superlight R

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