For once I'm ahead of schedule. I started the car this weekend and it is running great. Still lots of small stuff left to do before I take it for a drive. The M-Unit is working great. One silly-but-fun feature is Keyless Go. When my phone approaches the car the lights blink slowly. Then I can hit the started button once to power the ignition. Hit it again to start. Double-tap to kill the engine. Another double-tap (or walk away) to kill the ignition.

One cool thing that I've learned is that Autometer publishes the calibration of their senders. Very convenient when you need to tell your ECU how to convert Ohm or volts to temp or pressure.

I went ahead and ordered a wireless steering wheel controls from Cartek. I tried to use a cable, but it just won't work smoothly in the space we have. The Cartek controls are very slick and will let me keep my dash super simple. That will probably lead to me reworking the entire electrical panel layout since I need to fit in one more black box.

The bad news is that my AT Power dry sump pump is leaking. This thing has been a nightmare for years. There really isn't enough space for the external pump so you can't get the fittings tight. I may have to replace it with the Raceline dry sump with an internal pump. Really don't want to have to take it apart again, so hopefully I can get the leak stopped.