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Thread: 2004 Superformance S1 for sale

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    Default 2004 Superformance S1 for sale

    2004 Superformance S1 (#53 of 56)
    This is a factory-made replica of a 1965 Lotus 7; made by the same factory that makes Cobraís under Shelby license.

    Condition: Excellent
    Mileage: 4,468 (miles may increase)
    Asking price: $25,000. USD

    This car is a barrel of fun. The steering is almost telepathic and at around 1400 pounds and 184 crank HP, the performance is good! (7.6 pounds per HP). It is a blast to take for morning ďblatĒ.

    Iím the 3rdowner of S1 #53. I can find no evidence that #53 has ever been abused. It appears to have enjoyed a pampered indoor existence. Iíve more than doubled the miles on it since I purchased it about 5 years ago; it had 2,000 miles on the clock when I bought it. It has the normal rock chips on the nose and fenders. Thereís a small-ish scratch in the silver paint low on the right side from some road debris and a couple of small scratches on the hood; I tried to capture them in the photographs, but failed as they are slight. Overall, it shows well and it is a very good and clean example of an S1.

    This S1 has a mildly built 2.0 Zetec: forged crank, rods and pistons, mild performance cam, headers and Webcon fuel injection; I was given a dyno sheet that claims 184 HP at the crank. It has Willwood brakes and a Willwood adjustable pedal box. It comes with the stock wheels as well as the nice set of black wheels shown in the pictures. It has Willanís 4-point seat belts and a carbon fiber and leather quick release steering wheel.

    I enjoy fiddling with cars; in the 70ís and early 80ís I worked on road racing cars: Formula Atlantic, SuperVee, Formula Ford and others. During my ownership of #53, I have fettled several small issues, including:
    - a leaky rear main seal
    - rear tail and turn signal housings (a lousy design by Land RoverÖ)
    - a Mumford link that worked loose
    - an intermittent failure to run; which finally became non-intermittent and allowed me to trace the problem to a faulty throttle position sensor

    Most of these issues were found early in my ownership and it has been trouble free for a while now.

    Recent maintenance includes:
    - rebuilt Willwood master cylinders
    - fresh fluids (all except diff)
    - detailed

    Whatís not great about this S1? Well, while the tires have plenty of tread, they are not fresh; if I were to autocross it, I havenít, but if I did, Iíd toss on a new set of sticky rubber. And as is typical with most 7ís, expect the cabin to be warm, like pleasantly comfortable with the top down when the temperature is in the mid 40ís. Guys with big feet may feel cramped; I wear size 13ís and the foot box is very tightÖ Oh, and the gas tank is fairly small which can limit the fun. As far as I know, thatís it.

    Whether it is a positive or negative depends on the individual... but it is nearly impossible to drive this car without drawing attention. You will be asked Ė what is it? - almost every time you stop. This car is not a sleeper and it is a conversation starter.

    It comes with:
    - removable doors with carbon fiber mirrors (FWIW, I prefer the driving experience with the doors off)
    - a soft top in its own bag; the bag fits in the trunk/boot with room left over for small travel or shopping bags (Iíve never driven with the top onÖ nor have I driven it in the rain)
    - set of 4 stock wheels and original tires
    - Lotus labeled shoulder belt pads

    For your peace of mind, I encourage a pre purchase inspection and I will work with you to make this car available for a PPI. I may be able to help with shipping, if needed. This vehicle is located a half-hour north of Austin, TX (near zip code 78642). If you are up for a bit of an adventure, a fly-n-drive, in appropriate weather, could be a good time. I wouldnít hesitate to drive it across several states and I have done so in the past.

    As of today #53 has 4,468 miles. Miles may increase, especially if it does not sell before Fall weather arrives (Fall is the best driving weather for a 7 in Texas)! The original invoice for this car totaled around $44,000. Hagerty thinks a Superformance S1 is worth $25,000 and the asking price for the few examples that Iíve seen for sale over the past couple of years are at or very close to this figure. Iíll entertain fair offers around $25,000.

    call / text (five 1 two) 5seven6-82nine5
    Time Zone is CST

    Disclaimers: I do not need help selling this vehicle. And NO, I will not ship or release this vehicle to anyone, even an anonymous prince, until after my bank confirms that the funds are good. Spammers and cons need not waste my time.

    More pictures
    Original documents

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