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Thread: Reprinting Permission

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    Default Reprinting Permission

    Hello to all...
    I am the newsletter editor for Lotus Corps, the Lotus club in Chicago.
    A fellow member copied me with an article from the Lotus 7s first newsletter, titled:
    "Grease Girl... My Caterham 7 Experience", written by Diana Kennedy and published in 2008.
    I found it to be a fun story to read, and would like permission to reprint it in our monthly newsletter.

    I would appreciate the contact information of John Viviana the editor, and Diana the author, and
    anyone else from whom I may need to obtain permissions.
    Of course, credit to USA7s and Diana would be noted.
    I can be reached at:
    Thank you!

    Carl John Sarro

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    Hi Carl,

    Sorry I don't have the contact details for Diana but you can reach John Viviani by sending a private message to "Sparecr" on this forum. Hopefully he has the email notification option set up for messages on this forum.

    I believe he works at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum so reaching out there may also be an option.

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    Thank you Mike!

    Carl John Sarro

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