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Thread: Rivnut replacement/repair

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    I’d appreciate. Picture, thanks Paul, email, PM or here, whatever is easiest for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by wemtd View Post
    Chris:My birkin fenders are secured into a threaded steel round. there are two offset rivest securing this to the inside of the aluminum skin. If you're interested i can PM you a picture.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ukchris View Post
    I have the fenders/wings off so itís time to think about the rivnuts. On the back left one was spinning loose but was accessible so easy to remove, another was spinning but not accessible so I had to cut it off. This leaves me needing to replace at least these two

    the holes are two big so I assume I need an alternate approach, especially the inaccessible one, I assume that at a push I can put a bit/washer on the other one.

    So, questions...

    1. Whereís the easiest place to get replacement bits? I couldnít see any at Home Depot etc.
    2. What is the best approach for tackling the oversized hole issue when I cannot get to the back of the hole?

    Iíve read about replacing with plastic, it seems the guidance is theyllnshear ifntheres impact, what are the pros and cons and where would I get plastic ones? I donít expect to spend much of any time on the track, in that case is it appropriate to considernplastic?

    I get my Riv Nut stuff here-

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