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Thread: 2003 Caterham SV Zetec 5spd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightguy View Post
    Nice car and RH drive. Whats the Marlboro rally car (?) on the lift ?
    That looks like a Garagemahal set up.
    Was thinking of getting a unit or developing a complex.

    Errr? The Caterham is LHD. What are you seeing that I am missing?

    It is a garage mahal unit that I use to store and collect way too much automotive stuff. Brilliant idea.

    The cig packet is a 1977 Holden Torana, ex-race car with a non-original paint job from when it did advertising duties in a shopping mall. Needs total restoration.

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    The Orange Exige driver was crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Croc View Post
    Hi Ben,

    Do you want tires for the 13 inch wheels you are buying? Then I would think seriously about the Avon ZZS which has more of a street bias than the ZZR and was a replacement for the CR500. They are light compared to their competition and we are all focused on reducing weight. The Avons are always in-stock available from Roger Krause in CA - delivered to your door. I have never had a supply issue. He supplies all my tires for all my cars despite him being on the wrong side of the country to me. If you still have doubts then just phone them with the wheel sizes and ask them to give you the range of tire they would recommend. That has turned up some really good options for me in the past that I would never have thought of.
    thanks! Got the sellers in the UK to mount the tires before shipping. Went with 185/55/13 and 215/55/13 ZZS --will check with Roger Krause when I burn through these in a few months

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