Here are some public answers to some private questions-

I do have the roll bar, I just removed it when the car arrived and have never had it back on. It is perfect, I just prefer the look without it and have never run them on any of my Atoms. The car was not equipped with wings as it came from Brammo, I added those later, bought through TMI, but they came from the original factory supplier in England (took a while to get them). There is no rust on the car- it has spent all its life here in Wichita Falls, far north Texas, close to Oklahoma, and drought is more of a problem here than rust. I have never had any track damage with any of my Atoms. I have had a four offs in the ten years I've been tracking my various Atom demonstrators, but just in the grass, and only a few feet off track, never anywhere close to a tire wall or anything else.

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The estimated 500HP 2.2 liter race engine that I built out of the original engine that came in the car has many thousands of $ worth of upgrade parts, that might could be sold, to help defray the purchase price, if you bought this and did not want to fix the head gasket problem and put it back in the car. The car as it sits now has a brand new complete crate engine with no track or street miles, just a few miles after the install to verify all is as it should be.

I do have a copy of the original MCO, where Brammo transferred it to me, certified first transfer. I surrendered the original to Texas and have the Texas Certificate of Title, showing Brammo transferred ownership to Eddie Hill, mileage 9 odometer reading. on 07/24/2007.

Specs as listed:

GM Ecotec 2.0 Liter 245hp 215 lb/hp Supercharged

Ceramic Coated Steel Header and Exhaust (Which fell apart and I replaced with Hytech Stainless Steel, ceramic Coated header and collector and pipe, and three mufflers of different sound level that can be fitted to suit your taste of exhaust note)

Track Brake Package

Koni Aluminum 2-way Adjustable Dampers 3012

Billett Aluminum Steering Rack

Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub

Carbon Fiber Body Work

Carbon Fiber Extended Fenders

15" Front/16" Rear - 12 Spoke - Silver

Yokohama Advan AO48-205/50R15 Front, 225/45R16 Rear

Masterlube Accumulator System - Ecotec Engines

Roll Protection Bar

Remote Brake Bias Adjuster

Battery Master Switch

Towing Eye Kit

FIA High Intensity Rain Light

SPA Carbon Fiber Race Mirrors

Individual Seating Package

3" Competition Six-Point Belts

3" Competition Seat Belt Pads

Road Race Lighting Kit

12 Volt Power Source

Billet Aluminum Accelerator Pedal

Passenger Foot Rest

Driver Dead Pedal

Locking Fuel Cap

I have added the expensive and very nice Palatov billett Aluminum rear uprights which have the upsized and sealed Porsche bearings- bullet proof!

The rear firewall is now removable with screws (had to carefully drill out all those rivets) to gain access to replace the fuel tank filler and fuel pump gaskets that Brammo used, and that came apart and stopped up the fuel pump filter. My gaskets don't come apart due to gasoline exposure. Big job, but a very nice upgrade.

The intercooler pump now turns the right direction and actually pumps coolant- was wired backwards from Brammo

I replaced the small steel and ineffective original intercooler radiator with a larger and much more efficient aluminum radiator with two fans.

I replaced the tiny intercooler plastic filler and cap with a proper aluminum expansion tank and 22 psi cap

I installed Hawk blue brake pads- better on the street and much better on track

Thanks for looking,

Eddie FourFather Hill