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Thread: Want a Caterham in 2017?

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    Default Want a Caterham in 2017?

    After enjoying the best sales year in 2-decades, Caterham is now sitting on a production backlog of nearly a year. Orders for "roller" versions of the Seven will not be fulfilled until 2018, and kit allocations are all but gone for 2017 as well.

    We've had a potential buyer back-out of a kit order with us, after funds have been committed to secure the production slot, which is week 32 of 2017. It's quite unusual for a buyer to back-out, but that's a story for another day.

    If a Caterham is in your future, send a PM, and we can configure the kit as you like. There is plenty of time to finalize the configuration, but the production slot will be forfeited soon without a committed buyer. Exchange rates remain very favorable - if so inclined, now is a great time to get into a Caterham Seven.

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    Default Mildly interested

    Is this slot still available? Was planning a Birkin so have a few questions if I am going to pivot. Drop be a PM.

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