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Thread: Stalker AXR takes 2nd Place in E-Mod at the SCCA Solo Nationals

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    Default Stalker AXR takes 2nd Place in E-Mod at the SCCA Solo Nationals

    Stalker HQ doesn't like to self-promote too often, so I'll shamelessly do it for them:

    Official Results of the 2015 SCCA Solo Nationals in Nebraska are here:

    Keep in mind that the AXR is in it's infancy, as in, just released within the past year. The driver has owned his AXR for a mere 5 months. He was only 0.4 seconds behind the first place winner, reigning EM National Champion, Jeff Kiesel in his Turbo Rotory powered Sprite (a purpose built autocross car that he's been tweaking for many years, I'm told). Oh, and I think the AXR is one of the few competitive cars to also be street legal.

    Lots more details here:

    It's quite an accomplishment for both the driver & the car, in my opinion.

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    Congratulations to the driver and to Stalker! At the national level, everyone one on the podium has an excellent car and is an excellent driver. This is an impressive achievement and shows that Stalker is on to something.
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