The Golden Gate Lotus Club is holding an open track day at TH West in Willows CA on July 6th and (probably due to the odd date after the Holiday Weekend) only 29 cars have registered so far. This is a recent addition to the existing 3 mile track and is much more like Laguna Seca or Sonoma Sear Point than the original "East" TH track. A full field event would have 100 entries and four run groups. Right now there are 2 run groups, open passing and point by, so you will be on track 50% of the day if you can handle that much track time. Thunder Hill is not just pure adrenalized fun it's also one of the safest tracks you can run on with more than adequate run off and a professional track crew of turn workers and emergency crews. Blow off that extra day at work and get the best value of track time you are ever likely to see, $185.00 for more track time than you can handle.