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Thread: Parking Brake Combination Lock by Hettel

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    Parking Brake Combination Lock handle by Hettel is a great anti - theft device! These were available at the ToTD event as prizes and for sale. Being a gadget freak I just had to have one!

    Included in the kit: Black Handbrake Grip with built-in three numbered wheel combination, rubber insert for better fit, wrench for the shear screw/bolt, 2 small plates with three numbers, instructions and warrantee card which has a measuring card.

    Description: This is a larger replacement grip for your handbrake. It measures approximately 4" long. I can get my longest finger 3/4 way around it .. whereas I can get my two longest fingers around my existing handbrake grip. It feels like leather. There are two white dots above and below the numbered wheels. There is a small toggle switch (which is called the safety switch in the instructions) on the driver's side. When that switch is up, the 3 numbered wheels can be turned to line up the combination at the dots. (Note: the combination is preset and cannot be changed.)

    There is a screw bolt on the side. The instructions say to tighten it to the point when it shears off. Use the wrench to help shear it. Once installed the grip is permanently set. (Warrantee is for one year .. and you are instructed to send it back??)

    This is great for round handbrakes ... but may not work as well with flat or square handbrake levers. You must remove the existing rubber cover off of your handbrake. If your existing grip is longer than the new one you can measure to cut away only the necessary length of grip. The instructions say to try out the round rubber insert or the optional insert for the best fit. I don't know what the optional insert is as it was missing from my kit.

    There are two small concerns when using this grip: The combination is obvious to anyone driving or riding in your car. And it could be seen by someone with super - human vision in a truck beside you at a stop light.

    Also for those who wish to replace the leather cover over the lever mechanism, the neck hole will probably be too small. So if your leather cover is worn, replace it before installing this new grip.

    This should last the lifetime of your car.

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    Hi everyone, i havehad 2 of these and was totaly satisfied, the suplier is now defunct over here, are they still available and where please, i am from the UK.

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    FYI, we have a few on hand for sale that were donated to the club...proceeds to benefit the club.

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    Default Parkbrake Lock

    Hi, just wondering if there are any Hettel 100 locks still available. I had one but stupid me got rid of it.

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